Shopping Cart Credit Card Processing

Shopping Cart Depot operates a real time credit card processing. Once the order is submitted it is captured and is final.

Shopping carts usually utilize several types of calls to the payment gateway and respectively to the credit card company.

Authorization – When authorizing a transaction during the shopping cart purchasing process a request is sent to the credit card company to validate the credit card and the availability of funds. The credit card company reserves the amount requested and decreases the available balance of the card.

Capture – Once the authorization is successful the shopping cart can capture the amount requested for the same transaction. This process finalizes the sale and the transaction is complete. If the transaction is not captured the authorization will expire.

Settlement – Once the transaction is captured it is submitted for settlement by the gateway usually once per day. This is the process of the real transfer of money from the credit card to your merchant bank. The merchant bank will deposit the funds to your checking account within 2-3 days. This process happens outside of the shopping cart scope of service.

Void – If the transaction has not settled it can be voided. In this case it is not submitted for settlement and no funds transfer is occurring. This type of transaction will not show on the credit card statement of the customer. You can use the shopping cart to void a transaction.

Refund – the refund can be executed by the shopping cart on transactions that have already settled. This is a reversal of the charge. This transaction will show on the cardholder’s statement.

Chargeback – this is the process where the customer will call the credit card company and disputes the charge. It happens outside of the shopping cart process. You will receive the dispute by your merchant bank and will have to resolve it by supplying the necessary paperwork. You should try to resolve all disputes before they result in a chargeback. It can cost around $20 per case and may hurt your merchant account status.