How To Build An Online Store Quickly And Easilly

It is very easy to plug in an online store to your website. You can learn the basic steps of creating your first store on the web.
There are many resources on the internet with long lists of advice. Once you start researching you will get lost in tons of requirements and confused by the numerous steps and recommendations to get your online store up and running. This article contains all the true necessary steps to start selling online and from your website quickly and easily.
You do not need to know HTML, programming and be a webmaster to get your products online and create a store. Actually it does take a lot of time, expertise and experience to build and launch an online store software, but shoppingcartdepot has already done this for you. It is designed to be a hands-off solution for individuals and small businesses that need to have an e-commerce website addition.

You need to follow only these three easy steps on How To Build An Online Store.

  1. Open an account with here. Some of the shopping cart plans are practically free and the rest are so cheap that the cost is ignorable – see plans and pricing.
  2. Create your products by filling out the simple product forms.
  3. Link to your online store from your website.

This is it! In 20 minutes you will have a fully operational online store that will sell you products through a robust shopping cart. Also you will have – to name a few of the shopping cart features:

  1. Searchable products database
  2. Search Engine Optimized products page
  3. Secure Credit Card storage
  4. Advanced order management
  5. Robust Customer management
  6. Product Inventory control
  7. Drop Ship and fulfillment company integration
  8. Multiple payment gateways
  9. Coupons and discounts capability
  10. Related products lists
  11. Up-Sell capability
  12. Online media sales capability
  13. Sell products, seminars and memberships
  14. Auto-Enroll features
  15. Recurring billing and membership management
  16. Affiliate software
  17. Customer control panels
  18. Product review and ratings capabilities
  19. Require agreement feature
  20. Extensive reporting
  21. Email marketing options
  22. Product management tools
  23. And many more online store options

In 20 minutes you will have a full featured ecommerce software at your fingertips with all the capabilities and robust hosting, security and all the stuff that cost money and is hard to setup. Finally you can focus on running your business and not worry about operational sales issues, cost related to them and the headache of dealing with webmaster tasks.

Some things to consider once you built your online store that will ensure your success: The most difficult task is getting traffic to your online store and this will probably take much of your marketing resources and time. The competition on the search engines is huge. It is very hard to get well indexed and the way to get a good ranking of your online store is to have plenty and relevant content. Here are some tips that may help you drive more traffic to your store:

  1. Reach out to your customers and potential shoppers through various email marketing campaigns.
  2. Post your products on Google Products – use the google product search integration option.
  3. Use unique product names or add unique words to your product names. This will help your search visibility and help fight the competition in the search engines.
  4. Use these keywords in the product description. This will help your content indexing. Describe your products the best you can.
  5. If you do not have a website, please contact us we can get a quick hosted website going in no time. Put at least 20 pages and link to your online store. It is helpful to create some key product pages on your website that talk about the benefit of your products. This will help the search engines to index your website better.
  6. Link to your store on Facebook and other networking sites – wherever possible.
  7. Advertise your affiliate program and get affiliates to sell your products.
  8. Use link exchanges and message boards that allow you to advertise your store and website.
  9. Use the free list manager to build a contacts database. Over time this will be your biggest resource for online sales.
  10. Build a small store on eBay and link to your online store. Be careful – eBay is expensive It costs 10% and up to sell there.
  11. If you have budget use Google AdWords or paid advertising on Bing and Yahoo.
  12. Try not to spam or be abusive online but advertise your products and online store as much as you can online and offline.

Yes it does take a good amount of effort to advertise online but keep in mind that there are millions of people who are doing the same and they compete with you. Along with that there are also millions of spammers who are trying to trick the search engines to index their sites so they can make money on pay-per click schemes. There is no easy way to get on the top of the search engines. It takes persistence and good content. Probably the most helpful approach is to be unique and have meaningful content on your website and online store.
As difficult as it sounds, it is actually not so difficult to achieve. It is time consuming – not difficult. So be prepared. But the good part is that you have a top notch online store that you can attach to your website and become an online merchant in minutes. Some of the shopping cart plans do not charge monthly fees so you can have a free shopping cart account for life and truly focus on running your business. The shopping cart depot online store will work hard for you and always perform great.
Check out the online store plans and choose the one that fits your business model best.