Shopping Cart Affiliate Software has all the tools you need to successfully build and manage your affiliate marketing program. An affiliate program is the easiest way to increase your revenue because you are, in a way, hiring multiple sales representatives. Shopping Cart Depot allows you to have an unlimited number of affiliate users. The recurring billing shopping cart software lets you easily manage the commission for each representative. The commission is paid to the affiliate when a front end sale is made.

Once the affiliates sign up, they can access everything they need from a backend affiliate log-in area. That includes sales overview, account management, sales report and statistics, and commission reports.

A detailed report on the clicks, leads, and sales from your affiliates' links is also presented.

Shopping cart depot also provides affiliate activity reports and affiliate conversions reports.

As a merchant, you also have access to reporting tools so you can measure the success of your affiliates and generate commission statements.

The Affiliate Software allows you to promote high selling affiliates by specifying different commission rates per each affiliate.

You can maintain branding by providing product or corporate branded affiliate banners for your affiliates to use. You can also specify different redirect paths for each affiliate banner. Affiliate Software is a standard feature of the shopping cart.