Shopping Cart Customer Management

Shopping Cart Depot is all in one customer management solution. The system allows the business owner to store detailed information about its customers.

When a sale is recorded, a transaction number or an order number is generated hence an account number is created. All sorts of relevant information is then saved into the customer database that can be easily managed. With this customer management feature, it is easy to edit member information, billing information, account history, order details, and etc.

Not only that but incomplete sales are also recorded with the potential of contacting those probable customers and turning that incomplete sale into a shippable successful sale. The system records active customer accounts as well as cancelled. Every customer recurring schedule can be easily monitored and can be edited or adjusted if needed via the shopping cart control panel.

The CRM provides functionality to easily find customer records and view all related information. Your customer service reps can leave notes and other information for each customer account and refer to them during account reviews.

Customers can easily communicate with you by placing customer service requests. You can provide answers to each request and have a full history of the communication process at all times.