Shopping Cart Email Marketing

The email marketing tool at provides the ability to build loyal customer base. The recurring billing shopping cart has a built-in email marketing tools, that lets the merchant save time by not relying on a third party to manage their email marketing campaigns since the recurring shopping cart has it all automated. Shopping cart depot has made it a breeze to manage your customer data, the email lists, and order history, from the same interface.

As a business owner, one may want to market to different parts of their customer base. provides various options from one-time marketing email blasts to creating auto responder sequences. The recurring billing shopping cart has these tools built right into the shopping cart software and it has made it a dependable and proven way to a successful email marketing. The email marketing tools from are very flexible and easy to customize to any business niche.

Shoppingcartdepot provides many options for customization. The recurring shopping cart has various email marketing options built-in. The Billing mail responders can send out fully customized mail responders such as Email Copy Sent upon Purchases, Email Copy Sent upon a Failed Transaction, Email Copy Sent upon a Refunded Transaction, and purchase thank you email, among others. This built-in software makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers and prospects. Creating and scheduling a series of automated messages is easy. When a customer makes a purchase or signs up for any mailing list, the personalized auto responder for that specific customer goes out. Shoppingcartdepot provides the business owner ability to schedule and create unlimited Autoresponders with personalized messages and makes it easy to follow up with customers after they have made their purchases.

Another great feature that Shopping cart is the lead capture functionality. When a sale is not complete for whatever reason, it might be failed billing, or simply change of heart before billing information is provided, the recurring shopping cart keeps records of all those incomplete sales. An auto responder with a personalized message can then be send to all those attempted but incomplete leads and potentially turn them into sales. Which is one more way the shopping cart makes it very easy to keep track of all current customers and as well as potential customers.