Shopping Cart Features

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be enabled or disabled by the store admin. The actual gift certificate amounts that will be available for purchase on the store front can be selected by the store admin.

When a gift certificate is being purchased, the user is required to specify a gift certificate recipient (basic information: name and email). Upon successful checkout, the system sends out an email to each gift certificate recipient embedding their gift certificate code and the store URL where certificate can be used.

Also, upon check out, gift certificate codes are shown on the invoice page (can be printed, stored, or manually sent to gift recipients).

Gift certificates can be used for multiple purchases. For example, you may have a gift certificate for $50.00 - you can use it one time to make a purchase for $30.00, and then the remaining $20.00 can be used for future purchases. Next time you need to make another purchase, suppose for $25.00, you can use your gift certificate in its entirety, and only end up paying $5.00 (for your $25.00 purchase).

Anytime a gift certificate has been used to make a purchase, the gift certificate recipient will receive a confirmation email. The email will contain what is the actual amount being used, and what amount is available for future purchases.