Shopping Cart Inventory Control

Inventory control is one of the most important aspects of any business. The shopping cart software can be easily set up to notify the business owner if a specific product in their inventory is running low. This prevents the customers from buying items that are out of stock. The shopping cart software also offers a feature that allows your products to be placed on Back Order if they are not currently in inventory

Shoppingcartdepot gives you a whole software package that has plenty of tools to manage your online store.

You can manage inventory levels, product availability, easily with the shopping cart built in inventory control.

The inventory control option can manage the stock levels of different product variations (SKUs) within the main product. Each inventory item can be priced separately with MSRP and up-sell pricing. You can upload different set of images to showcase each individual item.

The inventory control system allows your customers to purchase different combinations and quantities of your product at the same time.

You can set limited offers, stock level limits and the business logic will be executed for you by the shopping cart.

You can use the inventory reports to audit your warehouse and project future stock levels.