Shopping Cart Product Types Support

The Shopping Cart supports a wide variety of product types and services to capture the spectrum of product variations that could be offered online.

You can sell

  • Tickets
  • Seminars
  • Registrations
  • Physical products and their variations
  • Downloads
  • Online courses
  • Online classes
  • Subscriptions

The product can be delivered via a shipping option or over the internet as a download or other channel for content delivery.

There is no limitation to the number of products you can sell online. They can be easily organized in product categories. An intuitive search is available to your customers to find products quickly and easily.

Bulk pricing is also a convenient feature of the shopping cart. Instead of using coupons and other promotions you can setup different prices per item for a specified number of items purchased at the same time.

For example your product may be priced at $50 for one item and $45 if 5 to 10 items are purchased.

Bulk pricing can also be used for wholesaling as it is a standard shopping cart feature. You can use bulk pricing to run sales promotions and buying incentives. The bulk pricing feature is a valuable sales tool of the shopping cart.