Shopping Cart Real Time Billing

All shopping cart transactions are billed real time. You know at the point of sale if the product was paid for.

The shopping cart sends the transactions directly to the payment gateway which results in a charge sent to the customer’s credit card company.

In cases of failed transactions the customer is notified of the reason the transaction could not be approved and provided the ability to use a different credit card, change billing address or use proper security code. This helps the customer complete the sale in a case of credit card decline.

The real time billing feature applies to front end and recurring billing processing of the shopping cart system.

Declined transactions are logged in and you can download a list of the customers who did not complete a sale due to declined transaction. The email marketing system will help you contact these customers and provide an additional channel to convert sales.

If you are using PayPal button only and do not have real time credit card processing the same principle applies. PayPal payments are also executed in real time by the shopping cart. The PayPal declines are also logged in the system. You can force bill or complete an incomplete sale later by using the customer service interface. This option allows you to call the customer and complete the sale over the phone using the shopping cart interfaces.