Shopping Cart Sales Strategies

The shopping cart enables you to implement different sales strategies, try and compare results and improve the customer buying experience.

Bulk pricing – charge different price based on number of products ordered.

Coupons - set up coupon discounts that your customers can use to receive a discount for a specific product, all products or just shipping and handling. You can distribute your coupons in an email campaign and track your campaigns.

Discounts – allows to set public discounts where customers do not need to have a coupon code.

Coupons and discounts can be set in percentage or dollar amount. They can be applicable for a minimum purchase and can be set to work in a predefined period of time.

Free trial products – this widely used shopping cart feature allows you to offer a free trial for a product. The customer can pay only shipping and handling or nothing and if the product is not returned or cancelled within a particular period of time the system will automatically charge the customer the full price of the product.

Free samples – This feature allows you to send out free samples to your customers, then X days after the initial sale, the system will generate a shippable order (and bill the customer accordingly) for the full package/product.

Auto-Enroll feature – A shopping cart capability to sign up a customer for a recurring type of product when another product is purchased.

Up-sell capability – The shopping cart system can offer a second product at a different price in cases when another product is purchased. You can set any number of up-sell paths as needed.

You can use the shopping cart modules to design and maintain effective sales strategy with ease.

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