Shopping Cart Sales Strategies

Free Trail vs Free Sample vs Recurring and Subscription Products

The selling models that Shopping Cart Depot provides have come really handy for many businesses regardless of their type, industry, and target customer base. Suppose you are trying to sell products which are new to the general public. Therefore, you would like to offer them for free for anyone to try. Shopping Cart Depot not only supports the Free Trail selling model which will allow you to give out trials and collect payments later, but there is a Free Sample selling model which, as the name suggests, gives out a free product and auto-enrolls for the full product X days later. In both the Free Sample/Free Trial selling models, products can also be recurring, meaning that the System will automatically keep track and execute future orders/shipments, unless the account/subscription has been cancelled.

Here is how the selling models work and what are the similarities and differences:

1. Free Trial
You buy today, and only pay designated shipping and handling. Based on the free trial period, system will bill you X days after your purchase if you have not cancelled your trial by that time. The number of days can be set per product and is fully customizable. A Free Trial product may additionally be set up a recurring product as well, this will mean:

  • You get a full size product paying only S&H
  • You keep/use it for X days, being satisfied with it, and system will automatically bill you for the price of the product
  • Because this is a recurring product, you will receive refills automatically
  • At any time, you feel you do not need to receive this product in the future, your subscription can be cancelled

2. Free Sample
Suppose, you have a product that works so well, but no one knows about it, or it is hard people to believe that all the features your product provides are indeed true. The answer is, you would offer smaller packages to your customer base for free – Free Samples. The sequence of events is as such:

  • You buy a free sample, paying only S&H
  • System schedules a future shipment (subscription) for X days after the initial purchase
  • Unless, you call and cancel, the system will auto-ship a full size package of the product
  • At any time, you feel you do not need to receive this product in the future, your subscription can be cancelled

3. 3. Recurring/Subscription Products
This is intended for willing customers who are familiar with your products, and would like the convenience of auto shipments. They can buy a product today, and be auto-shipped new product every X days. System executes the recurring payments automatically, and generates shippable orders if a product is physical product that needs to be shipped.

This model also applies for making sure your subscribers are being billed monthly based on their billing plan. For example, you are the type of business that needs to bill their customers for monthly membership (tanning salon needs to bill his members monthly) – in this case, members will be signed up to a subscription type of product (nothing is shipped), and they will be billed per their billing schedule automatically.

The three selling models above have provided usability, flexibility, and growth opportunities to many businesses already. Contact us if additional information is needed, we would be happy to work with you and see how your business model can benefit from our solutions.