Shopping Cart Upsell Capabilities

The secret to closing more sales is to do so while prospects are hot. That is why entrepreneurs know that Upsells are a very successful strategy in sales. When it comes to Upselling online, Shoppingcartdepot offers Upsell Capabilities Feature. It is a secure technology that is allowing merchants to instantly upsell interested customers with different post-sale offers.

The shopping cart gives the ability to create various offers to be presented to the existing customers after the original transaction is processed. The customers can take advantage of the new offer with just one click - no need to reenter payment and shipping information.

The benefits to the shopping cart upsell capabilities are that

  • New upsell can be easily integrated without making changes to existing products
  • The original sale is never at risk, since the transaction was already processed

Up-sells can generate usually anywhere from 5% to 25% additional sales volume. They are an elegant way of offering a discounted sale to the customer.

Along with up-sells the shopping cart has an auto-enroll feature that allows the internet user to purchase a subscription at a lower price as a benefit of buying a particular product.

You should keep you up-sell scenarios simple and easy to follow. The less the user has to click the better your conversion will be.